Profession shapes excellence, innovation promotes development

Profession shapes excellence, innovation promotes development

Creating more values for customers should be the main purpose of every modern enterprise. With customer-oriented,Chang'an Chuanshanjia is devoted to the improvement of design, R&D, production and sales service . We strive hard to provide better experience for customers


To be better is our persistence. From product details to service quality, Chang'an Pangolin has never stopped himself on lean optimization . Each detail of the product represents more than 500 hours’ research,development and optimization. Every recognition from market is a motivation for us to move forward.


From one-piece rock arm which disrupts industry to unicorn split arm, hook lever arm, tunnel arm and other series of products, Chang'an constantly breaks through industry barriers . Chang'an has performances well to help customers solve the problem in diversified and complex working conditions.


The production center of Chang'an Chuanshanjia is located in Longquanyi Industrial Park, Chengdu which combines product production, processing, warehousing and logistics. The whole link establishes a complete modern production system for Chang'an Chuanshanjia.In accordance with ISO9001 production standards, Chang'an enjoys a good reputation in the industry and is devote to good management, high quality and comprehensive service which are recognized by internationally renowned excavator brands.


Chang'an Chuanshanjia attaches great importance to the scientific and technological strength. Over the years, a large number of funds have been invested in technological research and development. While continuously developing new products, Chang'an also put effort on upgrading current products. Every detail you perceived reflects the extreme pursuit of scientific and Leads forward of the industry

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