Blast-free construction 2.0 era

Chang'an Chuanshanjia has always upheld the craftsman spirit of excellence, and has continued to iterate on its products for many years. The construction efficiency and service life have been greatly improved, and it strives to bring you a new blast-free construction experience.

The amount of outgoing increased by about 50%

Construction depth increased by about 30%

The hook speed increased by about 30%

70% reduction in maintenance costs

40% reduction in construction period

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The core team of Chang'an Chuanshanjia has rich experience in earth and stone construction, adhering to the business philosophy of "technological innovation, Excellent quality, determined to integrate science and technology into reality, and solve complex and changeable earth and stone construction problems with simple and effective methods.


What we provide to our customers is not only the leading products, technologies and services, but also the overall solution to meet the diverse needs

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