Hook Prying Arm shock the listing!
 发布日期:2021-12-30 16:58

Recently, with the shocking appearance of the second generation of innovative products independently developed by Sichuan Chang'an Chuanshanjia Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sichuan Chang'an Chuanshanjia), the Chang'an Chuanshanjia Mine hook prying Arm, it once again broke the calm of the industry and caused a sensation. It is understood that the Chang'an Chuanshanjia mine hook prying arm adopts a new way of working, once again subverting the working principle of the rock arm hook machine, which will mean that the rock arm modification industry is about to enter the 2.0 era.

As a representative of innovation in the rock arm modification industry of construction machinery, Sichuan Chang'an Chuanshanjia has been focusing on leading the technological innovation trend of the rock arm modification market since its inception. In just two years, the new products on the market of blowouts have provided more choices for excavator owners and brought more solutions for earth and stone construction. As a rookie in the industry, Sichuan Chang'an Chuanshanjia has not lived up to the expectations of consumers, and has firmly seized the opportunities given by the times to young enterprises, which will surely bring a new shock to this market.

According to the data, since the first generation of Sichuan Chang'an Chuanshanjia product Chang'an Chuanshanjia came out in 2017, the Chang'an Chuanshanjia integrated hook arm was introduced, it has received widespread attention and praise from the industry. During this period, in the face of the feedback of the majority of users and friends, and even some criticisms, including the non-acceptance of new things by some users, Sichuan Chang'an Chuanshanjia have patiently solved and guided. In the past two years, Sichuan Chang'an Chuanshanjia has carried forward the weight, made full use of product advantages, started from scratch, gradually expanded its market share, and gained the support and affirmation of many users.

In the words of the Sichuan Chang'an Chuanshanjia man: "The success of a product cannot fill the hearts of dreamers, nor will it slow down the pace of innovation." It is also based on this that the second-generation innovative product independently developed by Sichuan Changan Pangolin, the Chang'an Chuanshanjia Hook Prying Arm, can be successfully listed.


The Chang'an Chuanshanjia  Hook Prying Arm cleverly uses simple mechanical principles to allow the excavator to achieve free conversion of front and back shovels, breaking through the technical bottleneck that has long restricted the development of rock arms. On the basis of the existing backhoe construction, the function of the "pry" of the front shovel is added, and the use of the breaker and other high-cost explosion-free construction equipment will be greatly reduced in the working conditions where the stratification of the rock layer is more obvious.

From the Sichuan Chang'an Chuanshanjia learned that the SichuanChang'an Chuanshanjia in the nearly one month of test machine use, tried a variety of complex working conditions, have achieved the expected test effect, Tongjin collected a lot of important data, in the follow-up test process, will continue to optimize the product.

Time is not waiting, a product that embodies the painstaking efforts of all the technicians of Sichuan Chang'an Chuanshanjia shocked the market, at that time, Sichuan Chang'an Chuanshanjia brings us not only the Chang'an Chuanshanjia hook prying arm, but also their craftsman spirit!

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