Service support

For a long time, Chang'an Chuanshanjia has been committed to creating more value for customers.We provide comprehensive and attentive support from pre-sale to after-sale with our well-established system for every customer who recognizes Chang'an Chuanshanjia products.

360° comprehensive answer

Consultation on collocation, customized solutions and fault diagnosis
Answer your questions in all directions

Full life cycle support

Cover the entire life cycle of every Chang'an Chuanshanjia product
From installation instructions to parts replacement, we will serve you wholeheartedly

Technical Support

Core technical team for online support
to make sure your smooth construction

One-stop service, fast and direct

Pre sales service

400 customer service center, in-depth customized construction solution, model matching

On sale service

Consultant sales, Customized distribution plan, First-installation guidance

After-sales service

VIP community, Remote fault diagnosis, Post market service

Diversified services

For every customer who chooses Chang'an Chuanshanjia, we provide diversified service support covering the entire life cycle of the product.

Model matching

Working condition analysis

Installation Instructions


Aftermarket services

Efficient Chang'an Chuanshanjia

By innovating and applying advanced management concepts such as excellent performance, Lean Six Sigma and all employees' high quality, grasping the adjustment opportunity, we will comprehensively create the advantages of global management and control, strategic implementation, scientific management, efficient process and excellent performance, and create a unique new benchmark of excellent management.

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