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Shale is a rock made of clay dehydrated and cemented. It is dominated by clay minerals (kaolinite, mica, etc.) with obvious thin layer structure. According to the different compositions, calcium shale, iron shale, siliceous shale, carbonaceous shale, blac


Sandstone is a kind of sedimentary rock, mainly composed of various sand grains cemented, particle diameter in 0.05-2mm, of which the sand content is greater than 50%, the structure is stable, usually light brown or red, mainly containing silicon, calcium


Limestone (Limestone) is referred to as limestone, carbonate rock with calcite as the main component. Sometimes contain dolomite, clay minerals and clastic minerals, there are gray, gray white, gray black, yellow, light red, maroon and other colors, the h


Saline alkali land is a type of salt accumulation, refers to the salt content contained in the soil affects the normal growth of crops, according to UNESCO and FAO incomplete statistics, the world's saline land area of 954.38 million hectares, of which


Permafrost refers to various rocks and soils below zero degrees Celsius and containing ice. It can generally be divided into short-term frozen soil (hours / days to half a month) / seasonal frozen soil (half to several months) and permafrost (also known a


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